Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner.

I have been craving a Buddha Bowl from the local restaurant Crisp. We used to live above it and we could have a bowl whenever we so desired. But now that we live quite a bit further away, ok, it’s six blocks but that’s far!, we don’t go at all. We tried last night but they are closed on Monday’s, so no luck.

What’s a hungry girl to do? Make her own of course!

Here are the veggie’s.

And the meat, we used cubed steak ’cause it was cheap.

Then M fried some eggs, in the yummy beef drippings.

This is the finished product, underneath is rice, the veggies with the beef and egg on top.
We topped them off with some Sriracha (spicy chili sauce). Totally delish! And we enjoyed them w/a nice cold Leinie’s. 
Happy and Full,

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