The Last Days of Dogtown

I read The Red Tent for an English paper in high school and I loved it, but then again, I have always had such a soft spot for historical fiction. I am thinking about the whole ‘Dear America’ series, but that is a different story for a different day.

I found The Days of Dogtown on sale and I knew I need to have it. Anita Diamant is one of those authors that I tend to devour all she writes. And Dogtown didn’t disappoint.

Diamant follows the small town’s slow but steady demise with vivid imagery. I love her use of the town dogs and their aging & dying processes to mirror what is happening to the human residents of the town. For instance, Judy and Greyling are each other’s companions during long New England winters and as their bond grows it becomes more and more important. Their bond was sustaining for Judy emotionally and for Greyling it was essentially to life.

Despite this decaying town, there is a growth, creating a new life. Yes, some move to bigger towns but the image of a town fighting to die in peace is moving.

Coming tomorrow, a review of Diamant’s Day After Night.


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