I just went to the second meet up of a group of strong, thoughtful, creative and talented women. We all read the same blog, A Practical Wedding that was created a wedding planning blog. Somehow it morphed into a space to talk about woman-hood, weddings, societal expectations, and gender roles.

We spent 2.5 hours discussing Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert (review coming) and our relationships, our root families and our baby families.

Sometimes I wonder why all women don’t do this. Why do we spend so much time tearing each other down, insulting the choices we make, shaming each other into submission? We expect our friends to make the same choices we do/did to affirm our own decisions. When was the last time I really affirmed one of my friends in her decisions? Felt truly joyful for her in her successes?

Perhaps its time we spend more time supporting each other and less time shaming each other. Life is hard, why make it harder?

PI Sadie

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