Weekend Recap / What We Eat March 30 – April 5

Saturday, I redid the hike at Blendon Woods, this time avec camera. I think we are starting to close to completing our trips to all of the Metro Parks. I came home and made three pies for Easter (one did NOT turn out, I’m over lemon pies.) Saturday night, one of my good friends G invited me to her’s hubby’s birthday party. The dinner was delicious (homemade green chicken enchiladas!) and it was so sweet to be included. They also brought their month old puppy so I got in several puppy snuggles ~ always a win in my book!

Sunday was EASTER! I love this holiday – all the togetherness of a big holiday but so much less pressure. It was great to see my aunts and uncles, dinner was amazing as usual! We had ham, green bean casserole, screaming heads (a brussels sprouts casserole), mashed potatoes, fruit salad and bread!

3/30 Monday – leftovers
3/31 Tuesday – pizza (on a Tuesday!)
4/1 Wednesday – butternut squash ravioli in butternut squash sauce with hot Italian sausage
4/2 Thursday – TVP tacos
4/3 Friday – kung pao chicken
4/4 Saturday – leftovers
4/5 Sunday – Easter dinner

Only in the Midwest would you wear open toed shoes and a wool coat on Easter and have that be ~normal~

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