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Weekend Recap / What We Ate – Aug 24-30 — August 31, 2015

Weekend Recap / What We Ate – Aug 24-30

Let’s see if I remember how to do this :) 

Friday night M grilled out and then had a double feature of Kingsman and St. Vincent.

Saturday, I met a relatively new girlfriend for a lunch at the Starliner Diner. It was so tasty and we had such a good time hanging out! I then headed to my parents pool and hung out with them and a neighbor. And then, I met another new friend (from the state fair). I was surprised by the amount of stuff we have in common, including the pie baking contest at the state fair.

But the creme de la creme was the Obetz Zucchinifest with my parents! Josh Turner played and was SO incredibly awesome. It was an awesome event – I had a blast!

Sunday was much more chill with more pool time. When M got off work we got a fancy beer and then came home and made pork loin on the grill with sweet corn.

Monday 8/24 – quesadillas
Tuesday 8/25 – rings n wings
Wednesday 8/26 – tan tan mien
Thursday 8/27 – potstickers
Friday 8/28 – fish with corn and zucchini
Saturday 8/29 – at Zucchini Festival
Sunday 8/30 – grilled pork loin with corn

China 2015: Tiananmen Square & Dumpling Making Class — August 28, 2015

China 2015: Tiananmen Square & Dumpling Making Class

After a week of hard work and some pretty tasty eating exploits, I was invited out by a coworker for Peking duck. We met up with her boyfriend, brother and several of their friends (including a couple from Madrid who studied at the same faculty as I did at the Compultense – small world!). We had a lovely dinner at a great local place and then we walked to a hidden whiskey bar. It looked like you were walking into someone’s garden but no! It’s a bar! They had the family scotch but I stuck to a local wine. And then the group dwindled and we headed to Mai Bar, a super hipster cocktail place where I had a lychee old fashioned. It was a lovely cocktail and a great evening full of conversation.zhongshan

Saturday morning, I put myself on the subway and went to Tianamen Square. It was pretty locked down in anticipation of the upcoming military parade. I was pretty bummed – it would be have been cool to see such an important public space. I did get an idea of it’s vastness as I walked around it to Zhongshan Park and hung out.

zhongshan park~thecomynspace.comzhongshan

After returning to the hotel, I walked over to the Hutong for a dumpling making class. It was just me and another couple and our instructor. We learned how to make the dough and a meat and vegetarian filling. We then filled a batch and then pan fried half and boiled the other half. The ayi made the most delicious smashed cucumber salad. I purchased a Chinese rolling pin and we were given the recipes. I can’t wait to try these at home!

China 2015: The Great Wall & Summer Palace — August 24, 2015

China 2015: The Great Wall & Summer Palace

I had scheduled a tour to the Great Wall on Sunday and was picked up bright and early. We started at the Summer Palace, built during the Ming Dynasty, like the Forbidden City. While this was a palace, more acts of state happened here than at the Forbidden City. Empress Dowager Ci Xi and her long tenure as regent dominated the stories our guide told us. She sounds like quite the force of nature. Great Wall01 Great Wall02Great Wall06 Great Wall05

Over looking the lake and island that are part of the Summer Palace.
Great Wall04 Great Wall03

The above is one of the most important Buddhist temples in China but during the Cultural Revolution, the statues were torn down and melted. The inside is now empty but the statues have been replaced with copies for tourists.  Below, is a stone boat. The last emperor built it and our tour guide told us a really great fable about how the emperor is the boat and the people are the water and they rise and fall together. In foolishness, the last emperor had a stone boat commissioned that did not relay on the backs of the people to float. Great Wall07

And then we headed off to a completely tourist trap of a jade factory where we were given a short demonstration and a long sales pitch. We did eat a pretty traditional lunch and then we headed to the Great Wall! It was a very hot and hazy day but it was sort of unreal to actually be there. On the way back to the city we stopped at another tourist trap place, this time a tea house. Although I did learn a lot of about tea and bought three kinds of tea to take home.  Great Wall10 Great Wall09 Great Wall08

China 2015: Forbidden City & National Museum of Art —

China 2015: Forbidden City & National Museum of Art

I left on a Thursday and arrived late Friday night in BEIJING. I was up bright and early on Saturday and headed out to the National Museum of Art. When I arrived, the two main floors were closed for construction but there was a whole exhibit on Polish folk art, especially dance and dress. It was interesting, if not exactly what I expected my first taste of China to be.

Forbidden City01

Forbidden City02

I then caught a cab to the Forbidden City…just a few blocks away. Oops! I ran into a couple, from Chicago, and we chatted while getting our tickets. They had a tight schedule so we separated when we got inside as I was in no rush. I rented an audio headset and walked around and took in most of the buildings.
Forbidden City05

Forbidden City06

Forbidden City07

The crowds were unreal. Technically called the Palace Museum, the Forbidden City is the best preserved example of Chinese palatial architecture and some of the oldest wooden buildings in the world. Each palace had a special ceremonial use – the closer to the center, the more important. Tucked on each side of the main courtyard were sets of six smaller palaces, for the wives and concubines.

Forbidden City11

Forbidden City10

The details were incredible. Every surface was decorated or painted. It was a huge complex and had to be costly to build! Originally, gardens used to stretch all the way out current second ring road.. Forbidden City08

Forbidden City09  

Forbidden City03

Forbidden City04

Forbidden City13

Forbidden City12

Weekend Recap / What We Ate: July 27 – Aug 2 — August 3, 2015

Weekend Recap / What We Ate: July 27 – Aug 2

The theme this week was the OHIO STATE FAIR! Thursday afternoon I took off to enter my peach blueberry pie. While it didn’t place, I did get a third place for my honey oatmeal bread! I was so excited to place and am already strategizing about next year. Friday evening M and I went back to the fair so he could check out my entries. We ate at the Taste of Ohio building and then headed to National Resources area by the Ohio State Parks. It was a really great evening!

Saturday, we took it easy and then I headed to my folks to work (after hitting up with the helmet sale!). Once I knocked off around three, I got a surprise call from M that he was headed over and we could get the evening together too! We swam for a bit and then headed over to Flipside for burgers. We rented a movie and just hung out ~ it was just what we needed, especially given the epicness that will be August.

Sunday, M leave at the crack of dawn for Minnesota and then my parents and sister and I headed to the fair. We spent the whole day and saw everything! It was quite the weekend!

Monday 7/27 – steaks with fries and green beans
Tuesday 7/28 – tortellini with kale
Wednesday 7/29 – tacos with my parents
Thursday 7/30 – general tso’s chicken
Friday 7/31 – fair food!
Saturday 8/1 – Flipside
Sunday 8/2 – leftovers

What I Read: July ’15 — July 31, 2015

What I Read: July ’15

Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny by Holly Madison: I read this whole book in one night! I could not put it down – Holly tells her story with such honesty and in such an affable tone, it is hard to look away. While there were plenty of sordid details, she really focuses on her journey and how life at the Mansion affected her. I remember watching The Girls Next Door and it was really fascinating to see behind the curtain.

Just one book this month, but I have a looong flight coming up in August so hope to correct this soon!

What I Watched: Trainwreck, The Babadook, In Search in General Tso

Four. — July 30, 2015


Four years ago, on maybe the hottest day of the year, we married each other. Then, as now, we were surrounded by our ever-enduring families and dearest friends. We packed up and moved from the ‘treehouse’ apartment to a sunny, big one bedroom where we couldn’t afford to run the air conditioning. Two years we took a big leap and moved to another new place, this time in a new state and not hardwood but hey – at least we blast the a/c. We’ve been on countless hikes, argued over dozens of movies, supported each other through career twists and turns and grown up with each passing day. Here’s to many many more adventures ahead.

2011 In Review Why I Believe in Marriage

some non-wedding favorites-hiking in rock cut state park, the bean (why did I get rid of that coat?), inside mammoth caveRock Cut State Park IMG_0341 inside mammoth cave~the comyn space

Weekend Recap / What We Ate July 20 – 26 — July 29, 2015

Weekend Recap / What We Ate July 20 – 26

Friday night, M was off so we went for burgers at BJ’s Brewhouse as they have a dinner and a movie deal with the AMC in Easton. We saw Trainwreck which was so funny. It might make my 2015 top ten – it was that good!

Saturday, I joined my parents and we headed down to Wellston for a day at Lake Alma. It was my grandma’s 80th Birthday and so the whole family was getting together for a cook out. My cousin brought a ton of games and a Photo Booth set up. While it was HOT, it was a great day. Once we headed back up to Columbus, M met us at my parents house and we spent the evening swimming.

Sunday, I got up early and spent nearly the whole day baking a loaf of honey oat bread and the most perfect peach-blueberry pie for state fair drop off. ONLY come to find out, pies are live judged and are due this coming Thursday instead! It was pretty frustrating to be honest – but M was pretty pleased with this development.

Monday 7/20 – Pizza House
Tuesday 7/21 – summer squash, green beans and tortellini
Wednesday 7/22 – homemade pizza
Thursday 7/23 – grilled chicken and summer squash
Friday 7/24 – burgers
Saturday 7/25 – hot dogs (my grandma’s 80th birthday)
Sunday 7/26 – vietnamese pork, over quinoa

Weekend Recap / What We Ate July 13-19 — July 21, 2015

Weekend Recap / What We Ate July 13-19

Friday night I went to go ride as the vet was out on Thursday. Everyone else was at a show so it was very quiet and I had the place to myself ~ just the kind of quiet I needed after the week. Saturday, M and I got up early(ish) to go look at apartments. One was too expensive, one had no openings and one was perfect except it doesn’t allow pets. I spent the rest of the afternoon at my folks and hanging in the pool. Sunday, M was working again so I cleaned house and started to work on some sewing projects. My parents picked me up and we went to the Iron Pony to check out some 4 wheelers my dad is interested in and then we hit up Hot Chicken Takeover for lunch. While a lot more chill than last weekend, it was a pretty darn good weekend.  Monday 7/13 – spicy green beans
Tuesday 7/14 – buffalo cauliflower (omg we are boring!)
Wednesday 7/15 – M closed, at my folks
Thursday 7/16 – Chipotle :-/
Friday 7/17 – turkey tacos
Saturday 7/18 – M closed, at my folks
Sunday 7/19 – baked chicken, braised greens with quinoa

Sewing Projects ~ Time to Get Honest — July 17, 2015

Sewing Projects ~ Time to Get Honest

Spurred on by a recent post from Grainline, to finish and blog more projects, I’ve put together a list of the sewing projects hanging over my head.

  1. blue and white triangle quilt for my friend G – I’ve made a pledge to sew a quilt for each one of the gals in a friend group of mine and it’s time to make good
  2. something for myself with the below set of 4 sunny fat quarters I bought recently (thinking something like this or a few of these)
  3. finish another ornament – my mom gave me a set of 12 last year for my birthday and I’ve only finished one. I want them off my machine table and ready to go on my tree (err, at least of them LOL) 

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