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What I Read: July ’15 — July 31, 2015

What I Read: July ’15

Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny by Holly Madison: I read this whole book in one night! I could not put it down – Holly tells her story with such honesty and in such an affable tone, it is hard to look away. While there were plenty of sordid details, she really focuses on her journey and how life at the Mansion affected her. I remember watching The Girls Next Door and it was really fascinating to see behind the curtain.

Just one book this month, but I have a looong flight coming up in August so hope to correct this soon!

What I Watched: Trainwreck, The Babadook, In Search in General Tso

Four. — July 30, 2015


Four years ago, on maybe the hottest day of the year, we married each other. Then, as now, we were surrounded by our ever-enduring families and dearest friends. We packed up and moved from the ‘treehouse’ apartment to a sunny, big one bedroom where we couldn’t afford to run the air conditioning. Two years we took a big leap and moved to another new place, this time in a new state and not hardwood but hey – at least we blast the a/c. We’ve been on countless hikes, argued over dozens of movies, supported each other through career twists and turns and grown up with each passing day. Here’s to many many more adventures ahead.

2011 In Review Why I Believe in Marriage

some non-wedding favorites-hiking in rock cut state park, the bean (why did I get rid of that coat?), inside mammoth caveRock Cut State Park IMG_0341 inside mammoth cave~the comyn space

Weekend Recap / What We Ate July 20 – 26 — July 29, 2015

Weekend Recap / What We Ate July 20 – 26

Friday night, M was off so we went for burgers at BJ’s Brewhouse as they have a dinner and a movie deal with the AMC in Easton. We saw Trainwreck which was so funny. It might make my 2015 top ten – it was that good!

Saturday, I joined my parents and we headed down to Wellston for a day at Lake Alma. It was my grandma’s 80th Birthday and so the whole family was getting together for a cook out. My cousin brought a ton of games and a Photo Booth set up. While it was HOT, it was a great day. Once we headed back up to Columbus, M met us at my parents house and we spent the evening swimming.

Sunday, I got up early and spent nearly the whole day baking a loaf of honey oat bread and the most perfect peach-blueberry pie for state fair drop off. ONLY come to find out, pies are live judged and are due this coming Thursday instead! It was pretty frustrating to be honest – but M was pretty pleased with this development.

Monday 7/20 – Pizza House
Tuesday 7/21 – summer squash, green beans and tortellini
Wednesday 7/22 – homemade pizza
Thursday 7/23 – grilled chicken and summer squash
Friday 7/24 – burgers
Saturday 7/25 – hot dogs (my grandma’s 80th birthday)
Sunday 7/26 – vietnamese pork, over quinoa

Weekend Recap / What We Ate July 13-19 — July 21, 2015

Weekend Recap / What We Ate July 13-19

Friday night I went to go ride as the vet was out on Thursday. Everyone else was at a show so it was very quiet and I had the place to myself ~ just the kind of quiet I needed after the week. Saturday, M and I got up early(ish) to go look at apartments. One was too expensive, one had no openings and one was perfect except it doesn’t allow pets. I spent the rest of the afternoon at my folks and hanging in the pool. Sunday, M was working again so I cleaned house and started to work on some sewing projects. My parents picked me up and we went to the Iron Pony to check out some 4 wheelers my dad is interested in and then we hit up Hot Chicken Takeover for lunch. While a lot more chill than last weekend, it was a pretty darn good weekend.  Monday 7/13 – spicy green beans
Tuesday 7/14 – buffalo cauliflower (omg we are boring!)
Wednesday 7/15 – M closed, at my folks
Thursday 7/16 – Chipotle :-/
Friday 7/17 – turkey tacos
Saturday 7/18 – M closed, at my folks
Sunday 7/19 – baked chicken, braised greens with quinoa

Sewing Projects ~ Time to Get Honest — July 17, 2015

Sewing Projects ~ Time to Get Honest

Spurred on by a recent post from Grainline, to finish and blog more projects, I’ve put together a list of the sewing projects hanging over my head.

  1. blue and white triangle quilt for my friend G – I’ve made a pledge to sew a quilt for each one of the gals in a friend group of mine and it’s time to make good
  2. something for myself with the below set of 4 sunny fat quarters I bought recently (thinking something like this or a few of these)
  3. finish another ornament – my mom gave me a set of 12 last year for my birthday and I’ve only finished one. I want them off my machine table and ready to go on my tree (err, at least of them LOL) 
The Wilds ~ Things to Do in Ohio — July 15, 2015

The Wilds ~ Things to Do in Ohio

This was so hard to cull down ~ sorry it is still a very photo heavy post :) I did take over 200 pictures in our over 2.5 hour open air tour so really I did good. Let’s go with that!

We started off in pasture, then went to the Carnivore Center and then drove back through more Hoofstock. One of the main areas of conservation The Wilds focuses on is successful breeding programs for these endangered or threatened hoofed animals so there were tons of BABIES. Let’s start with Baby Wednesday, the baby Bactrian camel. The cute is beyond words.

the wilds~things to do in the wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in

Bison! They are in the outer perimeter of the facility because the American Buffalo is, in fact, native to Ohio and if it escaped a sully port (those double gates like in Jurassic Park) it wouldn’t be an issue for the environment. Now, that poor buffalo on the other hand, might be a little bewildered. There was also FIVE baby bison in this herd.the wilds~things to do in the wilds~things to do in This is my favorite image of the day – makes me think of times before we hunted these beautiful creatures from moving trains. the wilds~things to do in
the wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in

Przewalski’s horse! They aren’t able to be tamed because they are missing a chromosome that allows for short term memory, making them the only truly wild horse left and they are severely endangered. Other wild horse populations are free roaming but are from freed domesticated horse stocks (like the American Mustang). Also! There were FOALS! the wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in #ohio~thecomynspace.comthe wilds~things to do in

Weekend Recap / What We Ate July 6 – July 12 — July 13, 2015

Weekend Recap / What We Ate July 6 – July 12

Such a great weekend! I was lucky enough to take Friday afternoon off to hang out with my good friend G, who was in town for some in-law stuff for the rest of the weekend. We walked the dobies and did a little shopping before dinner. We meet up with our significant others and another couple for dinner at BJ Brewhouse. It was great dinner with great friends!

Saturday we got up really early and headed to the Wilds. We booked an open air tour at 9 AM and it’s a good 90 minutes from our house. Follow their directions and write down directions and gas up when you get off 70! It was such an awesome time and I took over 200 pictures ~ those will certainly be getting their own post soon!

Afterwards we hit up the gift shop and then headed back out towards cell phone reception. We stopped for lunch at Muddy Misers since Weasel Boy was closed and they had the local brewery’s stuff on tap. We were able to eat lunch right on the Muskingum River. Since it was still sort of early, we headed home and stopped off in Buckeye Lake at Buckeye Lake Brewery and each got a flight. Because we know how to live like rock stars, we also stopped at the local Old Navy and Target to get a few basics for M before coming home to cook dinner.

Sunday we hung out in the morning and then I headed to my folks for lunch with my mom. I did some work and then we all got in the pool and spent the afternoon swimming. M and I made getta, potatoes and eggs for dinner.

Monday 7/6 – salad
Tuesday 7/7 – homemade Mongolian beef
Wednesday 7/8 – can’t remember
Thursday 7/9 – can’t remember
Friday 7/10 – BJ’s Brewhouse with friends
Saturday 7/11 – pork chops with string beans
Sunday 7/12 – brinner (breakfast for dinner)

Weekend Recap / What We Ate June 29 – July 5 — July 9, 2015

Weekend Recap / What We Ate June 29 – July 5

I had two girlfriends come into town for the holiday weekend! We spent Friday at Zoombezi Bay, riding the rides and taking in the lazy river. It was so much fun! It was so great to spend time together and catch up.

Saturday, I made a peach pie in the morning and then we headed over to my parents house for their annual Fourth of July party. The backyard looked amazing and my mom, as always, brought it with the food. M came over after he got off work and several of my sister’s friends joined us as well. We all walked over to the local park for the neighborhood fireworks show ~ which is something I love to do. Next year, we need to bring BananaGrams for the wait because we used up our sparklers in about 10 minutes flat!

Sunday we hit up the mall and did a little retail therapy. I tried to convert everyone to the amazing Pixie Pants but with minimal success.

Monday 6/29 – tortellini with green beans
Tuesday 6/30 – leftovers
Wednesday 7/1 – baked fish with braised kale and quinoa
Thursday 7/2 – turkey lettuce wraps
Friday 7/3 – homemade pizzas
Saturday 7/4 – cook out for the 4th
Sunday 7/5 – leftovers

What I Read: June ’15 — July 6, 2015

What I Read: June ’15

Mama Day by Gloria Naylor: An alluring dramatic work that invokes a Shakespearean tale of star-crossed lovers and a pair of strong aunts. Naylor created a vibrant world and filled it with fully realized characters, namely women. I profoundly enjoyed this novel.

How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky by Lydia Netzer: I picked this based on the cover and I’m so glad I did. A fascinating story of two mothers who set up their children to fall in love – whom despite all their protestations, do. I do wish that both main characters were equally flawed as I felt that the female was given most of the ‘damage’. Still very glad to have read this book.

Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex by Mary Roach: I really enjoyed her earlier novel, Stiff so I also grabbed this from the library when I saw it. It was a swift read and twinged with her signature pithy and humorous style.

What I Watched: Avengers: Age of Ultron

‘Single Gal’ Pasta with Sausage and Kale ~ Fast Dinner for One — July 1, 2015

‘Single Gal’ Pasta with Sausage and Kale ~ Fast Dinner for One

single gal pasta with sausage and kale ~

M closes a couple days a week and while I would love to eat pizza rolls every time that happens, that isn’t sustainable. This is one of my favorite ‘single gal dinner’s that comes together very quickly and is relatively healthy.

single gal pasta with sausage and kale ~

You’ll Need:
1 frozen sausage patty
1 scant cup dried pasta
1/2 cup frozen kale or spinach
1/3-1/2 cup prepared marinara

Start the water for the pasta over high heat. Heat a skillet over medium high heat and add a teaspoon of oil. Add the frozen sausage patty and cook, turning frequently to break it into pieces. By this point, it’s usually time to add the pasta to the boiling water. Then add in the frozen kale and marinara sauce. Stir together with the sausage and let cook – warming the kale through. Drain the pasta, reserving a few tablespoons of pasta water. Add the pasta to the sauce and toss to coat. Add the pasta water to the sauce, a few teaspoons at a time, if it needs to be loosen up. Season to taste with ground black pepper or red pepper flakes! Top with parm or your cheese of choice!


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